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You are advised to come on empty stomach, i.e., 10 –12 hours of fasting. It is preferable not to take anything after dinner except water i.e. no morning tea.

Please collect your Health Check Kit from the hospital on the previous day, between 8 AM and 6 PM, before the test is scheduled. The kit is meant for use to collect samples of urine and stool.

Kindly inform our customer care official if you are on Beta Blockers/ any other medicines used for BP & heart related problems. These may need to be stopped 24 – 48 hrs in advance, for the TMT if required, in consultation with our Physician.

Please carry your previous prescription or health check-up reports with you. Those taking any medication are advised to bring it with them.

If you are going through your menstrual cycle, it is not advisable to undergo the Uma Sanjeevani Health Checks.

Pregnant women or women suspecting pregnancy are advised to inform our Customer Care Executive, as a few tests like X-Rays need to be avoided.

Since you may be required to change clothes frequently while undergoing various tests, you may feel more comfortable in casual clothes and footwear.

The counseling for Health Check-up is done 3 days after your check-up based on availability of concerned doctors and confirmation.

If any consultation is required by specialists (Orthopaedician/ Physician/ Cardiologist/ Gynecologist/ Surgeon/ Urologist/ Nephrologist/ENT/EYE/ Skin/Pediatrician/Dentist/Physiotherapist/Dietician) not mentioned in the original package extra charges will apply.

 10% discount is offered on additional investigation, if any, advised by our consultants based on clinical examination during the Health Check-up.

To schedule an appointment or for further information, please call our Customer Care Executives today.
Mr Manoj Mishra :  9871716106
Mr Prakash Gautam : 9810476125