From the MD’s Desk

Dr. A. P. SinghUma Sanjeevani Health Centre, situated at 1, Dakshin Marg, DLF City-2, Gurgaon, from its very inception in April’93, had become a landmark in DLF City. During the mid-90’s, to which most inhabitants of the then upcoming newer Gurgaon colonies converged for all their health problems including 24 hour emergency and medical attention, a rare facility in the early days. Uma Sanjeevani has remained the front-runner in providing medical care for more than 22 years. Providing “Health Care With Dedication in affordable cost” has ever since been the hospital motto.

In the middle of the first decade of 2000, with the entrance of a number of larger corporate hospital chains into the medical field, new massive challenges emerged.  A number of smaller hospitals and erstwhile flourishing nursing homes were reduced to a single doctor and a single specialty set-up as their visiting specialists left to occupy plush jobs in bigger hospitals providing high-end facility and a secure environment. In this context, it gives an immense satisfaction that Uma Sanjeevani remains one of the few smaller hospitals that was largely unscathed by the changed scenario. In fact, our committed specialists have found work more gratifying, having been able to devote time and attention to work in areas of their choice, and sending away difficult problems beyond our scope of management to super-speciality set-ups in newly emerged nearby tertiary facilities.

USHC, as the DLF-2 set up is referred to, with 22 beds and all specialities, continues in all its glory to date, with all necessary facilities. The hospital takes pride in having some of Gurgaon’s most experienced specialists in Orthopaedics, Medicine, Surgery, Dermatology, ENT, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Accupuncture & Eye, and excellent back-up in Pathology, Radiodiagnosis, Anaesthesia & Physiotherapy. Nearly 150-200 patients attend the OPD on a daily basis. 15-20 x-rays, 6-8 ultrasounds & over 100 lab tests are performed daily. The daily attendance of routine patients and emergencies attended in the casualty is 25-30. An average of 1-2 major & 3-5 minor surgeries are performed daily. Bed occupancy & admission rate, however has never been high in USHC due to  adherence to principles and  ethics where admission is advised with the sole interest of patients’ well-being.

There are 2 fully equipped Operation theatres & one Minor OT, where all types of routine and highly specialized Orthopaedic, Arthroscopic, Arthroplasties, Laparoscopic, General, Gynaecological, Urological and Plastic surgical procedures are carried out. Excellent post-operative care is provided by a 4 bedded ICU, with stand-by ventilator services.

A 4 bedded casualty manned by senior and experienced medical officers is fully equipped to handle all kinds of Emergency & Accidents and patients are managed most competently and completely. Some patients needing intensive care and cardiology advice and with head injuries including poly-trauma are, however, transported after providing reasonable emergency management, to a tertiary centre or a Government hospital equipped with ICU and advanced diagnostic facilities like CT/MRI.

All said and done, I feel that bringing improvements is a constant change in raising the bar for furthering USHC. Our challenges include patients satisfaction,  meeting expectations of staff and doctors, improving hospital ambience, optimizing the expenses, development of  staff training & orientation programs to improve hospital services towards increasing the availability of specialists in different fields at odd times and in emergencies, holding a regular CME programme to encourage doctors & medical staff to update their medical knowledge besides opening doors to untapped areas like the ‘Executive Check-up Schemes’ vastly popular in certain corporate hospital chains, making inroads into ‘Medical Tourism’ and also venturing into new specialities like nephrology, cardiology, infertility, dentistry and high-end, sub-speciality orthopaedic and arthroplasty surgeries. Needless to say, there is much more that is in our  vision to steer the course of growth of Uma Sanjeevani in the times to come.


Hospital Sec-55

A new hospital, namely Uma Sanjeevani Hospital has been established in Sector 55 Gurgaon, since 2007, with the idea of creating more space for meeting deficiencies in the existing set-up. An identical facility, with a more modern, planned hospital structure has been created, with the intention to develop newer facilities not provided in USHC, DLF-2. This hospital is in an area of a newer part of Gurgaon, a presently, rapidly growing sector where expectedly, one may not be too far off the mark when saying that ‘Sky is the Limit’.

Presently, in the centrally air-conditioned OPD department, a full fledged Orthopaedic & Physiotherapy OPD, Medicine & Nephrology, ENT, Gynaecology & Infertility, and Skin OPD are running. Day care Emergency & Casualty services are provided. At present, night casualty services are not encouraged, though a resident medical officer & nurses on call are available at night to attend patients whenever admitted. X-rays, and a Pathology Laboratory collection facility is provided. There are 2 world class Operation Theatres, including one which is equipped with a laminar air-flow for major Orthopaedic surgery & Arthroplasties.

Pharmacies are available in both hospitals. Generator back-up facility is also available in both hospitals. Kitchen services and a dietician are located in DLF-2 and hygienic food for patients and staff is provided in both hospitals. An ambulance is available 24 hours at DLF-2 for transferring critical and sick patients.

The Smile Train Project, a US based NGO for charitable surgeries for Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate has been managed successfully by Uma Sanjeevani Charitable Trust utilizing facilities of this hospital since 2008-09.

A number of other social causes are being addressed regularly in this hospital including the very popular monthly Bone Density Clinic for early diagnosis and prevention of Osteoporosis and related fractures; another is the Diabetic Foot Clinic, for early identification of Diabetic Neuropathy & preventing Diabetic Foot Disease.

Some of the additional facilities envisaged for DLF-2 are presently being considered to be developed in the Sector 55 hospital, including the Orthospeciality and a Nephrology Unit.

I would now like to express my thanks & gratitude to all our friends & clients for patronizing us. I would also like to convey my appreciation to our team of consultants and staff who have rendered excellent services like useful members of USHC family.